Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sushi Cupcake Journey

These are the absolute most cutest things I have ever seen. I have looked at different blogs and pictures of sushi cupcakes for awhile and I am finally making it myself!  Also, I was inspired to make these cupcakes by my trip to Japan this past Thanksgiving. I am a fan of Japanese culture and food but sushi has always been a food item I do not desire. Even though I did not have much sushi in Japan, I was open to the idea of going to a sushi restaurant, Teharu's, with my friend and it was really good. It was a conveyor belt sushi restaurant where we selected our items off of a conveyor. Not only was the food good but it was a fun atmosphere! Not to say that I am a huge sushi fan now but I am growing to be one. However, I would eat a cute sushi cupcake over real sushi any day!

This was two day process because I wanted to make sure all my prep work was done on one day and assembly the next day. Here is my mise en place!

This post is not so much about the recipes used but the assembly of the sushi cupcakes. Feel free to use any cake and frosting recipes you like. To reduce my time, I used boxed cake and canned frosting. Here's how they turned out!

The sashimi, while looks easier, was more time consuming to make. I used half of the cupcakes I made to make the California rolls (see image above) and I used the other half to make the sashimi. I took all remaining cupcakes and mashed it up and stirred in frosting to make a ball of dough that I could mold the beds of rice for the sashimi. Then, I melted frosting and dipped each "rice bed" into the frosting and covered with coconut. I dyed fondant black so I could cut strips of seaweed to lay over the fish gummy.


Unknown said...

Do you mind posting the recipe to both of them? They look sooo cute!

Raquel said...

Hi Gizelle!

Thanks for checking out my blog. I will post the recipe for you. I used boxed cake but I will put up the steps (for both sushi type) and the recipe for the cake ball mixture so you can make a bed for your fish.

Raquel said...

I posted the recipes for sushi cupcakes! Check it out here:

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