Friday, October 7, 2011

Dirt 'n Worm Cupcakes

Jesus - I dedicate this post to you! I know how much you like pudding :)

Here is another cute cupcake for you! I'm sure we can all reminisce on a favorite childhood dessert: dirt and worms. This traditional dessert is made with chocolate pudding with a layer of crushed chocolate cookies (I used Oreos) and a gummy worm. The result? A worm playing in the dirt! Sounds disgusting but luckily it tastes nowhere close to dirt (not that I would know).

Now, we all know how much I love cupcakes so I pondered how I can turn this childhood memory into a cupcake. Originally, I thought of making standard yellow cupcakes, topped with chocolate frosting, crushed chocolate cookies, and a gummy worm. While this cupcake would still do its name justice, the cupcake was missing a crucial element...the pudding! Then it hit me faster than a ball out a ballpark, I should add a pudding filling to the cupcakes! Something like this:

Yep, the cupcakes tasted just as good or better than the pictures. Learn how to make these cupcakes! 

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