Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Flaxseed Cookies

I've decided to end my hiatus from blogging! I apologize to my followers for being MIA but sometimes life just gets atcha and you gotta roll with the punches! However, I am back and I ready to share some great recipes with you! Accept the above plate of cookies as my apology? The title may sound ridiculous and not appealing for a cookie but trust me, titles can be deceiving!

As most of you know, I'm all about a healthy recipe and this recipe is no different. On this Sunday afternoon, I decided I want to make something healthy but still satisfies the sweet tooth. A few weeks back, I went to this cute antique shop that baked fresh oatmeal cookies in the back. I heard good things about these cookies and bought one to try for myself. Needless to say, the cookie was delicious! Everything about the cookie screamed home! The smell reminded me of so many times I would walk around my house and smell fresh baked cookies in the oven. The cookie was soft and just enough sweetness to be considered an indulgence. Every since then, I've been inspired to make my own version of this delicious oatmeal cookie...with a healthy twist. This is the first time I've baked a cookie with whole wheat flour. Typically, I'll mix whole wheat and all-purpose flour because whole wheat flour tends to dry out baked goods but not this recipe. Also, I incorporated flax seed and some nuts to boost the nutritious value in this guilty of a pleasure called a cookie. Hey, at least this is better than a cookie that goes straight to your thighs!

The end product? Delicious and amazing cookies! didn't tell my brother the ingredients of the cookie because he refuses to eat any of my healthy baked goods. He ate the whole cookie...I think he's better off not knowing!

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