Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy New Years!

A new year is coming around the corner so you know what that means, right? It's time to set goals for the upcoming year! Here is a list of things that I want to make either just for the sake of making or because I love to eat. I have 365 days to complete this list, not bad. That's what I say now but I actually made this list 5 months ago and I only able to cross two things off my list. There was 20 but now I am 18 so hopefully I can actually stick to my list. I will keep you updated as well as providing a detailed experience of my successful or unsuccessful pursuit!

In case you wanted to know the two items I crossed off my list, they were no bake cookies and homemade somoas (Girl Scout cookies), and baked donuts.

2010 To-Bake List

1. sponge cake
2. crusty bread
3. Danish pastry
4. homemade oreo cookies
5. seven layer bars
6. Dutch crunch bread
7. cinnamon rolls
8. millionaire's shortbread
9. pita bread
10. chocolate brownie pudding cakes
11. English muffins
12. cinnamon raisin swirl bread
13. black and white cookies
14. New York cheesecake
15. molten chocolate cake
16. flourless chocolate cake
17. coconut cake

Chocolate Chip Mini Cupcakes (Black Bottom Cupcakes)

I know the name may sound fancy but these cupcakes are known as black bottom cupcakes. The reason why I didn't title this recipe as "black bottom cupcakes" is because I have spent my life calling them chocolate chip mini cupcakes. It wasn't until I bought this cookbook two years ago, I came across the black bottom cupcake to discover it was very similar to my cream cheese cupcake with chocolate chip recipe.

These cupcakes are a favorite in my house! My mom use to make these when I was little and I would eat 4-5 at a time and sneak a few when no one was looking. The cream cheese is really what makes the cupcake. It is cream cheese but sweet like a cheesecake with extra bursts of sweetness from the mini chocolate chips. If you don't have mini chocolate chips, I highly suggest chopping chocolate or regular chocolate chips into smaller pieces. It is simply not the same. Also, you have to use mini muffin containers because the size it just the perfect mouthful. I tried using the regular cupcakes and it was too much!

One thing to keep in mind while making the cupcakes is you want to bake the cupcake batter as quickly as possible once you combine the wet and dry ingredients because the baking soda and vinegar react together to make the cupcakes fluffy and puffy. Yay, for simple science!

When I got interested in baking, this was one of the first things I learned to make and now I make it for my family. Somehow, I always manage to make them around the holidays. I guess it's a tradition now and hopefully you can start a new tradition in your household too! Cheers!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oats N Yogurt Chip Cookies

Here is another one of those chocolate chip cookie recipes but this one is a more unique name than just the plain ole chocolate chip cookie, right? Essentially, this cookie is a chocolate chipper but varies in one way, yogurt. I am a huge fan of yogurt, particularly plain yogurt, because I can dress it up any way that I want and it is something that I always have on hand. This is different from chocolate chip cookies recipe in the fact that the yogurt makes the cookies have a cake-like texture. It still tastes like a cookie but it has a different texture. I like this recipe because if you are in a chocolate chip cookie rut, this will get you out of it!

Most of the sweetness come from the chocolate chips which is good because it doesn't feel like I'm shoving sugar in my mouth. The incorporation of oatmeal and yogurt may make these cookies healthier than most cookies but I would not put them in my "healthy" cookie file. At least they make me feel healthy and sometimes it is alright to tell yourself a white lie...well, at least for homemade cookies! 

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hershey Kiss Filled Snowballs

It's the end of the year which can only mean one thing, cookie exchanges! Yes, the holiday season is the time to gain the weight and eat tons of cookies. At least, that is how it is for me! I am currently living a residential hall and even though I have access to the necessary kitchen equipment, I opted for a simple but satisfying cookie. The cookie is basically a standard butter/Mexican wedding cookie but the twist? A Hershey kiss in the middle so when people bite into the cookie, they are welcomed with a special treat! Have fun and happy holidays!

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