Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pecan Shortbread Square Bars

Wow, welcome back to my blog. I have been on quite a hiatus on this blog but it does not mean that I have not been baking...okay, kinda. I had gotten to a point where I baked a great deal and I knew what I liked. When it came to baking, I knew what I liked and developed a list of go-to recipes.

As of late, I have been regaining a baking itch of exploring and trying new recipes. My inspiration to try this recipe came from a charge to create a dessert that did not include chocolate. Additionally, I recently visited Rock Springs Cafe in Phoenix, AZ who are notorious from their pies. I am not a huge fan of pie so I questioned how good this pie could actually be. Well, I was taught how great pie should taste. My favorite type of pie has always been pecan pie and Rock Springs made a fine pecan pie.

As I was searching for pecan bar recipes, I was looking for a high pecan ratio. In filtered recipes by the pictures (we know we all do it). I came across the recipe from Once Upon a Chef and I immediately committed to trying this was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I rarely find recipes that do not use Karo syrup and it was just divine...the crust and the filling! If you have never been a believer in pecan bars, this is a MUST!

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