Sunday, February 19, 2012

Coconut Chocolate Chip Blondies

While I enjoy making cookies, sometimes I am too lazy to shape the cookies. That's why bar cookies are a great option on a lazy baking day. There are various types of bar cookies and one of my favorites are blondies, which is essentially a brownie without the cocoa. Blondies tend to a have a higher content of brown sugar to create a rich toffee flavor. Although a standard blondie recipe taste great on it's own, it is even better with mix-ins. This version incorporates coconut and chocolate chips. The final product was reminiscent of a seven layer bar. I found this recipe on Brown Eye Baker, which described these cookies to be similar to a Girl Scout Samoas cookie. As I sunk my teeth into these blondies, I could taste the flavors of a Samoas cookie. The blondies were chewy like the samoas cookie and the brown sugar helped to give the cookies an almost caramel flavor like the famous Girl Scout cookies. The coconut gives the blondies a greater than average chewiness which makes the blondies that more delicious. I have a weakness for anything with a chewy texture and this definitely satisfies my chewy obsession!

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