Friday, May 27, 2011

Oat Crazy: Zucchini Oat Bran Muffins

Yes, I'm on an oat bran craze...and a healthy craze. I have finally baked enough to understand what is needed in order to make a successful bake good. So my newest obsession is making recipes tasty and healthy at the same time. This recipe is similar to my oat bran muffins but I incorporated oat bran into a zucchini muffin recipe instead of a incorporating zucchini in an oat bran muffin recipe...if that makes sense. I used a calorie counter website and after calculating, each muffin is 134 calories! How did I do it? I used a minimal amount of fat (oil) and replaced most of it with applesauce which will keep the muffins moist. Also, I incorporated oat bran to give you additional nutrition like fiber. While the zucchini provides moisture and flavor to the muffins, the cinnamon makes the muffins tasty and a little addictive. I love this recipe because not only is the calorie count low, the muffins didn't taste healthy. My sister asked me what I put in the muffins to make them healthy because they didn't taste "healthy" to her. That only means one word: success!

Next time, I will modify is the amount of sugar because it is too high for a healthy muffin like this. I might also play with the baking powder proportion because I felt like the muffins could be fluffier. Also, my zucchini was not fine enough. I didn't mind because I like the chunks throughout the batter but I think I will make it finer just to compare.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meltables (aka butter cookie)

There is nothing better than a melt-in-your-mouth type of cookie! Even though you're probably thinking about all the butter you are eating in this little morsel, sometimes it's alright! The key to making these cookies melt in your mouth is not the butter...surprisingly! While this is essentially you're standard butter/shortbread-like cookie, this recipe incorporates cornstarch which makes the cookies lighter and airy - all of which makes the cookies disintegrate once it hits your tongue. Can you ask for anything more? I think not!

These cookies are great for beginners. It requires minimal ingredients, no eggs, and fun because you get to roll the dough into balls and dip into powdered sugar when they come out of the oven. If you are one of those cookie batter eaters, this is not necessary one of those yummy batters. Since it's not baked yet, the dough has a chalky taste to it from the cornstarch. Don't worry, it practically feels like you're eating cookie dough after you bake the cookies because they are so light! The cookies have a rich butter taste so make sure to use high quality butter. I think next time, I'll incorporate some almond extract just to spice things up a little.Try these simple, quick, and satisfying cookie recipes!

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