Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Forward to 2011

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I failed at my 2010 To-Bake list but that is what New Year resolutions are for. I am intent on changing for 2011. I took the 2010 list and omitted/added things to the list. I hope I can follow the list so let's see how well I do this year!

2011 To-Bake List

1. seven layer bars
2. cinnamon rolls
3. cheesecake
4. flourless chocolate cake
5. coconut cake (or cupcakes)
6. English muffins
7. molten chocolate cake
8. revel bars
9. green tea sponge cake (see Matcha Cupcakes - practically the same thing)
10. the "ideal" brownie
11. popovers
12. lychee panna cotta
13. semifreddo
14. tiramisu
15. beer bread
16. Pot de creme
17. Tres leches cake/cupcakes

Things to remember but not necessary on my list of things to make:
- tortoni
- torte
- Amaretti cookies

[I'll probably edit the list a few times because I'm still looking for things I want to make]

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