Friday, March 18, 2011

Y-U-M-Blurb: Wildflower Bread Company Low-Fat Chocolate Muffin

It's time for Y-U-M-M-Y to grow a little older and wiser. It had to happen at some point, right? I am expanding my blog to encompass foodie adventures I encounter. While this was one of the original intention of my blog, I never remembered to take pictures of what I ate because I was too busy eating! I recently developed the urge to share my experiences and thoughts about my foodie explorations. So, here is my first 'Y-U-M-Blurb' entry. Enjoy!

Wildflower Bread Company (WBC) is an Arizona only chain that serves a unique selection of salads, sandwiches, pastas, breads, and pastries. Think of it as a Panera, Corner Bakery, or Paradise Bakery but having its own little twist. Everything is made daily with fresh, healthy, ingredients. On top of that, everything is natural with no preservatives or additives. Can this get any better? Of course! Wildflower Bread Company makes sure to give back to the community in whatever way they can. A few years ago, I asked for a donation prize for a banquet I was planning in which they donated two $25 gift cards without hesitation. I was a fan from that day on even though I had not eaten there until today.

Although WBC specializes in bread, I could not resist the eye candy of desserts and pastries. My face was pressed up against the glass, searching for the right selection for my first purchase. As my breathe fogged up the glass and salivation began, I made my decision...low-fat chocolate muffin. I know, I could not resist when I saw the 'low-fat' sign but can you blame me? I was intrigued about how a chocolate muffin can taste like a chocolate muffin and be low-fat at the same time? There was only way to find out!

As much as I wanted to dive straight into the muffin, I was even more excited to take pictures. What's a better place than on the dashboard of my car? As a ripped a piece of the muffin for a sample, I could instantly tell how moist the muffin was going to be. It had the texture of a scrumptious muffin but how did the taste fare?

It was interesting because I did not get an overwhelming taste of sweet chocolate. The taste was more of a natural sweetness with a hint of chocolate. I had not have expectations beforehand so I did not know what to think of the muffin. Overall, I liked it. I could tell it was low-fat by the taste and it would be a perfect treat to satisfy one's sweet tooth without loading on the fat. 

I had one criticism: I wish there was more chocolate flavor. While it was not overwhelming sweet, the sweetness came from fruits. Applesauce is a common ingredient to reduce the fat in baked good but the sweetness was much richer than an apple. Perhaps applesauce was added in conjunction to another fruit like prunes because that is what it tasted like to me, although I cannot quite place my finger on what fruit was used to make the muffins.  

For someone who is a semi-health freak, I liked it. I thought the texture was great. The muffin was very moist and it had just enough sweetness for me with a hint of chocolate that made me think I was eating a chocolate muffin. After researching the nutritional information online, this is what I learned:

Calories: 495
Calories from fat: 25
Total fat: 3g
Saturated fat: 1g

Does this seem like a low-fat muffin to you? It does to me! You might be thinking 500 calories for a muffin is a lot but the muffin is really big and dense. Half a muffin would satisfy anyone for a snack or even a light breakfast. For someone who eat smaller portions (like myself), this muffin could satisfy 3-4 hunger urges.

Overall, for a semi-health freaks/people that want to eat healthy, this muffin is perfect. For those who have huge sweet tooth and want the full taste of a chocolate muffin, this is mostly likely not for you but worth a try in my opinion!

*Overall grade: Y-U-M-M

*Ranking for Y-U-M-Blurbs are based on the Y-U-M-M-Y scale (just Y being the lowest, Y-U-M-M-Y being the highest).


Jill said...

You are correct! Prunes is an ingredient. You have a very discerning palette.

Healthy Grocery said...

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