Sunday, June 19, 2011

Y-U-M-Blurb: Mind Over Batter

Are Sprinkles Cupcakes good? Yes. Expensive? Yes. Overrated? Yes. Got competition? Yes!

I tried Mind Over Batter for the first time. While it seems like they only sell cupcakes, they have a great selection of ice cream and cake balls. The aroma as I walked in reminded me of this homemade ice cream shop I frequently visited growing up. The place had a warm feeling and I could smell the fresh baked cupcakes emanating from the kitchen! I was surprised by the selection of 17 cupcake flavors. This made it difficult for me to choose one flavor to try. Because it's a small business, they make a few of each flavors so once it's gone, it's gone...unless it's early in the day because they can bake up another batch and hopefully sell it before closing.

As my eyes shifted up and down the line at the vast selection Mind Over Batter had to offer, I couldn't resist the appearance of the chocolate peanut butter cupcake. Mind you, the name was much more creative than chocolate peanut butter. It was called Reece-with-a-spoon! How adorable is that? It was a chocolate cupcake batter with crumbled Reese's peanut butter on top with a drizzle of chocolate. Unfortunately, I was too excited to dig into the cupcake that I don't have a picture to show the decadent cupcake but take my word, it was delicious! The cupcake was moist, flavorful, and had a great texture. On top of that, there were surprise chocolate chips throughout the batter that made the cupcake experience so much more thrilling. Speaking of "the cupcake experience," cupcakes are boxed in a cute hot pink box with a cupcake holder so it doesn't slide and move around inside the box. So, how did I rate Mind Over Batter?
While Sprinkles is more well-known cupcake shop, Mind Over Batter offers a greater selection on a daily basis, tastes homier, and offers their cupcakes at $2.75, compared to paying nearly $4.00 at Sprinkles. As I reflect on my first experience at Mind Over Batter, all I can think about is what cupcake I am going to try next time. I think that basically summarizes how much I liked it!

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*Overall Rating: Y-U-M-M

*Ranking for Y-U-M-Blurbs are based on the Y-U-M-M-Y scale (just Y being the lowest, Y-U-M-M-Y being the highest).

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