Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marshamallow Lover Cupcakes

I have a problem. It's more than just an obsession, it's an infatuation...with marshmallows. It's the craziest thing because marshmallow is pure sugar and I believe it's one of the great inventions ever. I do not exaggerate. There are times I go to the grocery store to buy a munchie and leave with a bag of mini marshmallows in hand. Marshmallows are least in my life. I can make Rice Krispie treats, dip em in practically anything, stuff em in a peanut butter sandwich, or eat em on their own. Oh, I did forget one more way to eat a cupcake! This cupcake is a ode to my one and only love, the marshmallow!
My one knows except for you!

Marshmallow lover cupcake is a yellow cupcake with marshmallow fluff filling, topped with chocolate malt frosting and a chocolate covered marshmallow. This cupcake is great from scratch (cupcakes, marshmallows, frosting, etc.) but it is also a great assembly cupcake. What do I mean by this? While I love baking things from scratch, sometimes we need a dessert but not enough time. This is a great cupcake to make that is, like how Sandra Lee says, semi-homemade. In this instance, I used boxed cake mix, store bought frosting, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate covered marshmallow. All I had to do was to bake and assemble the cupcakes. Sounds like a piece of marshmallow, right?

Marshmallow Lover Cupcakes
compliments of Y-U-M-M-Y

yellow cupcakes (your favorite recipe or boxed cake mix) - enough for 24 cupcakes
marshmallow fluff (1 jar)
vanilla frosting (1 can)
cocoa powder
chocolate covered marshmallow (24)

1. Bake cupcakes as directed. Let cupcakes cool.
2.Cut a circle on the top of the cupcake by inserting a knife halfway through the cupcake on an inward angle. Lift the cupcake top you just cutout and set aside. Fill cupcake with 2 teaspoons of marshmallow fluff. More or less fluff can be added depending on your marshmallow infatuation.
3. Place the cupcake top back on cupcake to cover marshmallow fluff.
4. Mix 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder to frosting and add to your desired malt flavor.
5. Frost cupcakes and top with chocolate covered marshmallow.

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